Return of the last-minute Playlist gift guide

Given the economy and the accompanying tumbleweeds blowing through our malls, last-minute holiday shopping isn't the crush it once was. Therefore, I declare it safe to venture out during these final shopping days to pick up last-minute items for your loved one. (Or, do as you've always done, and plant yourself in front of the computer and shop electronically.) Allow me to recommend:

Holiday music and movies The excitement of opening presents and gathering around tables laden with food is enhanced by appropriate holiday music. The iTunes Store has just that kind of music . While you're browsing the bargain bin, be sure to check out the Store's . The holiday classic, , is going for just $5.

Gift certificates While you're at the Store, be sure to click the link. As you're surely aware, you can purchase iTunes gift certificates in email or printable form, gift specific music, TV shows, and movies (like that copy of It's a Wonderful Life); and provide someone with the gift that keeps on giving in the form of an iTunes allowance.

But iTunes isn't the only game in town. The music sold by Amazon MP3 plays perfectly well on any MP3 player (including an iPod, iPhone, or computer) and that music is often priced lower than what iTunes offers. You can email or print a gift card or send one by mail by visiting Amazon's . And if your favorite recipient doesn't care for music, no worries, they can apply that gift card to any purchase they like.

As my colleague, Philip Michaels, , you can help give your loved one a leg-up on an iPhone purchase with Apple's , available in denominations from $25 to $2,500.

Cables and adapters While the aisles of the local Hobos 'r' Us may be packed, it's likely the Radio Shack next door will be more sparsely peopled. Within this Radio Shack you'll find a wall-full of cable and adapters that your electronics-loving snookums will eventually appreciate.