Remains of the Day: Truth or fiction?

Apple now owns another piece of Beatles history, the iPhone can be used to hijack video billboards, and it's time for another game of "incompetence or malice?" The remainders for Tuesday, March 15, 2011 are stranger than fiction.

(Patently Apple)

Well, with , there was little left for Apple to do but take over the rest of the Fab Four's holdings as well. Cupertino has filed a trademark for the apple logo previously used by Apple Corps, the Liverpool lads' media company. This is fallout from , which saw Apple take over all of Apple Corps's trademarks--and required that Steve Jobs be inserted onto Abbey Road's album cover as the fifth Beatle.


Is this man hacking Times Square video billboards with the help of just his iPhone and a couple of home-built circuit boards? It's hard to say, but it's a sad day and age when we're forced to be skeptical of random videos posted on the Internet.

(The Register)