Remains of the Day: Tougher than diamonds

To paraphrase Huey Lewis, Apple products are a bit like the power of love: You don't need money, don't take fame--you just need a credit card to ride this train. Meanwhile, Canadians get on speaking terms with Siri and a centuries old publication bids adieu to the physical realm. The remainders for Wednesday, March 14, 2012 are strong and sudden and, yes, cruel sometimes--but they might just save your life.

(Fast Company)

Turns out Apple doesn't play favorites: Celebrities have just as hard a time getting their hands on Cupertino's hot new devices as we plebes do. I can almost hear them crying into their diamond tumblers and fancy Italian sports cars.

(iPhone in Canada Blog)

Good news, Canadians! Siri can now report the time and the weather in the great white north. There's even a localized voice that ends every sentence in "eh?"

(Ars Technica)