Remains of the Day: The day the music died


Speaking of the Surface, the folks at ReadWriteWeb put together this video mash-up of Microsoft's press conference with Steve Jobs's iPad introduction in 2010. Man, looking at Steve Jobs and Steve Ballmer side-by-side--it's like looking in a mirror. Well, a terrifying funhouse mirror, anyway.


Are you an aspiring young filmmaker? Or a parent who would like to get an aspiring young filmmaker out of the house this summer? Sign them up for Apple's three day in-store workshop, which helps kids record footage, edit it, and show their movie off to their parents and peers in a film festival. Now if only J.J. Abrams would stop submitting every year.

(One Foot Tsunami)

Still on the fence about picking up Apple's $10 ? Rogue Amoeba's Paul Kafasis has the only review you ever need to read.