Remains of the Day: Smaller and smaller

Apple plans to shrink down SIM cards even further, the secret of the iPhone's noise cancellation is revealed, and Angry Birds have jumped from the screen to real life. The remainders for Tuesday, March 17, 2011 are coming at you in three dimensions!


Ever thought that micro-SIM card in your iPhone 4 or GSM iPad is just too honking big? Well, Apple is apparently intent upon shrinking that sucker down; it's proposed a standard for an even smaller SIM card, and it's got the backing of wireless carrier Orange. I imagine they'll be able to shave a whole half a gram off the overall weight of the iPad 3--


The iPhone 4 does a pretty able job of noise cancellation, but aside from clearly taking advantage of the device's dual microphones, it was unclear exactly the iPhone was doing that cancellation. Fortunately, the team at iFixit has discovered that Apple's handset uses the same Audience voice processing technology as the Google Nexus One. Hey, Android, iPhone--under the skin, you're not so different after all.