Remains of the Day: Samsung says

Samsung wants a sneak peek at the next iPhone and iPad (don't we all?), 's head honcho finds iPad publications shrug-worthy, and Twitter and the iPhone may soon be better friends than ever. The remainders for Tuesday, May 31, 2011 are here to stay. Until tomorrow.


In response to Apple's attempt to , Samsung has now reciprocated the request by asking Apple to disclose the final versions of the next iPhone and iPad. Cupertino's suit, you may recall, . Samsung says it just wants to check whether or not users would likely be confused by devices it plans on releasing around the same time. This reminds me of that time I asked my friend if I could compare his new $20 bill against the old one I had, a story which ends with me $20 richer and one less friend.


publisher Jann Wenner says that publications' rush to the iPad is "sheer insanity," and that they shouldn't throw away their magazine businesses. I totally agree--it's paper; they should it, of course.