Remains of the Day: Passive? Aggressive.

Passive-aggressive. It's not always an either/or scenario: take Steve Jobs dishing truth on the fate of the Xserve and compare to an Adobe executive complaining about Apple's attitude towards Flash. Then there's T-Mobile trying to, what, horn in on iPhone sales? Nobody knows, least of all the remainders for Monday, November 8, 2010.


Yes, that's French, and though Steve Jobs hasn't begun writing his personal correspondence in the language of love, the latest alleged e-mail from the Apple CEO has surfaced at French site MacGeneration. In it, Jobs says that the reason behind was simple: "Hardly anyone was buying them." Granted, that hasn't stopped Microsoft from selling the Zune.

(Patently Apple)

The tea leaf readers at Patently Apple contend that the company's next iPhone will feature multitouch displays that work even when you're wearing gloves. Which is great news for those who live in cold climates, those who wear gloves at work, and .

(Fast Company)