Outsourcing's Odd Couple: Xerox & ACS, One Year Post-Merger


How would you describe ACS and Xerox's distinct corporate cultures? Have you been able to bring them together?

Kyser: We [at ACS] have a hustle culture that says we're not going to stop, even after whistle blows. Xerox brings good rigor around processes.

McDermott: A good example is the transition of services from HP-EDS to ACS. Xerox has a mature vendor management transition process. And ACS had come to agree that they were good methodologies. But they told us we ought to knock a couple of months off of the plan. As a ten-year employee of Xerox, that's the kind of change of pace I've long wanted as company. And people who have been here longer than me look at this as positive rejuvenation of the traditional Xerox corporate culture. On the ACS side, some of the discipline we have, including in the IT area, is appreciated as a way to bring more predictability to the complex transactions ACS has to manage every day with their customers.