No strings attached: Wireless music and images


The other wireless enhancement that's got me excited is the Eye-Fi Pro X2, an 8GB storage card that includes an 802.11n transceiver. Put one of these into one of the and you can automatically have your photos (in both JPEG and RAW formats) and videos uploaded to content sharing services including Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, MobileMe and YouTube, as well as directly to a PC over an ad hoc wireless connection.

The Pro X2 operates at transfer speeds of up to 6MBps () making it fast enough for most consumer and "prosumer" cameras, can work with (one free year of service is included with the Pro X2), and supports geo-tagging (the automatic addition of geographical coordinates) using the (the Pro X2 includes lifetime WPS service).

I tested the Pro X2 with a and a Mac G4 running OS X 10.5 (Windows is also supported) and my only problem was during installation; the Eye-Fi Center application installed, asked if I wanted to update, declared the update a failure and just quit and wouldn't work at all! The solution was to re-install, but really?

Anyway, once the Eye-Fi Center was properly installed, the card (which comes with a USB card reader) configured, and the online sharing services linked to, the entire system worked perfectly! It is astounding to snap a few pictures or a video and see them appear online as soon as a Wi-Fi connection is available.

The Pro X2 also provides an "endless memory" mode which, after uploading, deletes a user-definable percentage of images so you never have to think about running out of storage (at least, as long as you've got a wireless service).