New MacBook Pro speed tests


Since the 17-inch MacBook Pro can be considered a desktop replacement, we retested a 2.66GHz, 24-inch iMac to see how its performance stands up. In overall performance, the iMac, with a Speedmark score of 280, was a little more than 9 percent faster than the new 17-inch 2.8GHz MacBook Pro. In processor-intensive tests like Cinema 4D, the new 17-inch MacBook Pro prevailed. But in hard drive-based tests, like unzipping a 2GB file archive, the portables with their 5,400-RPM notebook hard drives were no match for the iMac and its full-sized 7,200-RPM drive. Of course, it's very difficult to fit a 24-inch iMac into a backpack.

Overall, the new 13-, 15- and 17-inch MacBook Pros offer a very good speed boost over the respective models they replace--a boost that has more added value when you consider that the new laptops are priced lower than the older models they replace.

Check back soon for full reviews of these new systems, including battery life tests and more game scores. Also coming soon will be our review of the new MacBook Air models.