New MacBook Pro speed tests


The 15-inch 2.8GHz MacBook Pro is nearly 8 percent faster than the 2.66GHz model it replaces at the top of the 15-inch MacBook Pro line, with Photoshop scores that were more than 9 percent faster.

The 17-inch MacBook Pro has a 2.8GHz Core 2 Duo processor, 4GB of RAM, and a 500GB hard drive for $2,499. It also has the dual graphics set, using the GeForce 9400M and the GeForce 9600M GT with 512MB of video RAM.

The new 17-inch 2.8GHz MacBook Pro was about 3 percent faster in our Speedmark tests than the 2.66GHz 17-inch model it replaces.

When compared to the 15-inch MacBook Pro with the same 2.8GHz processor as the 17-inch MacBook Pro, we see that the 15-inch model with the same processor was faster in our Speedmark scores, but not by much. Both systems posted identical Photoshop and Cinema 4D test times, with the 17-inch being a little slower in our Compressor test as well as a bit slower to start up.