Most Popular PC World Stories of 2009

2009 was a pretty decent year in tech history--we saw the introduction of a few , a bunch of , and . These news items struck us as fairly significant announcements, but how popular were they with our readers? We spent some time identifying and analyzing the ten most widely read articles published in 2009--and found that readership was higher for pieces on violent video games and strange Google Street Views than on . Without further ado, here's the list (counting down from number 10):

Any article that compares an Apple product to a Microsoft product is sure to yield tons of hits, "hates," and controversy in the comments section (often degenerating into a Mac-fanboy/Windows-fanboy/ flame war), so it's hardly surprising that the tenth-most-popular story of 2009 was about those two companies' new operating systems. "Snow Leopard Versus Windows 7," which received half-a-million page views, compares the two OSs side-by-side, highlighting their new features (such as "ridiculously big icons," which appears in both; the "Windows 7 preview pane"; and Apple's "improved window management"). A quick look through the slideshow reveals what we already sort of knew--, and their newest operating systems uphold that tradition.

Tech nostalgia conquers us all--"I remember when my cell phone used to be bigger than my real phone." "Mom, what's a real phone?"--and at PCWorld we offer as exhibit A, "The Ten Greatest PC Games Ever," which drew more than 500,000 hits. This nostalgic slideshow lists the ten best games that owe most of their prominence to a PC platform (which is why Tetris didn't make the cut). The list of immortals begins with text-based , and continues through the confusing-yet-serene world of , the real-time strategy of , the empire-building mindset of ...all the way to the time-sucking, life-encapsulating MMORPG that is .