KAZ launch data backup service

Telstra subsidiary Kaz has launched a remote backup and archival managed service for two Telstra-owned data centers in Sydney and Melbourne.

The hosted service, titled PC Backup, uses Kaz partner-designed software DeltaBlock and SendOnce to compress the data and back up only incremental data changes, not the entire file.

The service has been tested over the last four months at 12 Australian organizations.

Peter Wilson, KAZ solutions and innovations marketing general manager, said the smarts of the service are held in the DeltaBlock application, adding the hosted service will be offered in the market as a pure backup service and is not limited to Telstra customers.

"The service backs data up to two, secured, mirrored data centers 1000 kilometers apart and is carrier-agnostic, so anyone with an IP connection can access it," Wilson said.

"But there is an inherent advantage for anyone already on the Telstra IP network as they will not have to use the Internet to access this so any up and down traffic between their PCs and the storage facility is 'free'.