iPhone Location Tracking Draws Fire, Shrugs


"They need to ensure their users aren't put at unnecessary risk," he says.

Enderle says sexual predators could possibly obtain the iPhone tracking information to find out when a child was vulnerable. Or thieves could uncover trends in order to rob homes when people are away. "The U.S. President has a fondness for Apple products, suggesting this exposure could apply to him or his family," he says.

True to form, Apple has yet to respond to the iPhone tracking issue. But it's a good bet the company will do something. Enderle expects Apple to secure the tracking information or ensure the data cannot be accessed without the approval of the user or guardian.

Not everyone, though, is convinced the privacy sky is falling. "I do not see it as a big issue because someone has to have the physical device in their position to access the data and the user has to have an open device with no password protection," says Gartner analyst Van Baker. "While there is some risk associated with knowing high-level location data, the cellular triangulation is not that precise."

Baker, though, is quick to point out that others at Gartner disagree with him. They believe iPhone tracking is a significant breach, he says.