iPhone apps round-up: Fog-and-draw apps

Things have started to steam up in the App Store. A trio of newly released apps allow you to steam or fog up your iPhone’s touch screen and then draw designs on the virtual fogged up glass.

iFogTake iSteam, a free app from . According to the developer, you blow in your iPhone’s mic to haze the screen, using your fingers to draw and write messages on the steamed-up screen just like you would on the bathroom mirror after a hot shower. Droplets also form on the screen, and Great Apps has included finger squeaking noises to add to the realism.

When you’ve grown tired of your design, you can shake the phone to clear it. Or you can send your creation to Great Apps, which promises to feature the best ones on its Web site.

Great Apps says iSteam will work with an iPod touch, though an external mic is required for that device.

In a similar vein, iFog from also lets you blow on your iPhone to draw on the fogged-up screen. (The $1 app is only compatible with iPhones, however.) iFog features different pre-loaded background themes; you can also use photos stored on the iPhone as a background. And the app includes e-mail functionality that lets you send iFog creations to friends.

Zephyr from takes the concept of finger-painting on the iPhone screen and adds a social networking aspect. Move your finger across the screen of your iPhone or iPod touch to draw images and messages made out of snowflakes. The $1 app also generates wind noises and music as you move around the screen.