HP optimistic about growth in imaging and printing sector

HP Imaging and printing group (IPG) is growing market share in every single sector and is optimistic about further growth, said the group's executive vice president Vyomesh Joshi at the annual global imaging and printing conference in Shanghai on Thursday (September 8).

Joshi put a lot of emphasis on 'optimism', 'innovation' and 'growth' throughout his two-hour long presentation in which he chalked out the company's printing business strategy and introduced new products.

"We have doubled profits in the last ten years," he said at the first ever IPG global event held in China. He also said that customer adoption of HP's cloud-enabled, web-connected print technologies has reached the mainstream, with more than 10 million printers sold globally.

The company is also driving growth in the Asia Pacific and Japan region where it is recording double digit revenue growth.

Talking about leveraging the new technologies such as cloud computing and mobility, he said that "we are on the verge of a renaissance".

Innovation is at the core of our US$26 billion imaging and printing business, he said. "We are optimistic about innovation as we have 14,714 patents."