Five things we love about the Samsung Galaxy S II

Earlier this week, we published . We cited its flimsy battery cover, lack of notification LED and physical camera button, Samsung's TouchWIZ UI, and average call quality as aspects of the Galaxy S II we aren't fond of.

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However, the isn't widely regarded as the best Android smartphone on the market for nothing. We happen to think Samsung has produced the best smartphone on the market, period, and it's the combination of a superb display, excellent performance and lightweight design that makes the Galaxy S II a great phone.

After playing with the Galaxy S II for over two weeks, here are five things we love about Samsung's latest flagship Android phone.

We simply can't throw enough superlatives at the Galaxy S II's 4.3in Super AMOLED Plus display. It's without doubt the best screen on the market, and although it may not boast a resolution as high as the likes of and , its sheer size makes up for any shortfalls. As a comparison, the iPhone 4's 3.5in screen looks almost tiny in comparison, and the extra screen real estate really makes a difference in day-to-day use -- particularly given Android's widget-focussed home screens.