E3 2011: The Future of PC Gaming


Nate Ralph is PCWorld's Desktops editor, and is making a poorly veiled attempt at masking his bias.

Wither art thou, PC gaming?

There's been plenty of news rolling out of E3, but the PC contingent has been notably silent. There's certainly a presence on the show floor -- all of the major releases that aren't console exclusives will be making appearances on a desktop near you. But this year's E3 has largely been about the living room.

So what gives?

The status quo hasn't changed. As much as I love my gaming rig, I can't deny the ease of use and accessibility that consoles provide. Developers see it too: console ports might only offer a fraction of the power and performance I get out of my custom built rig, but it's decidedly easier to troubleshoot bugs on a homogenous platform than it is to figure out what went wrong on the millions of Franken-PCs out there. To say nothing of the comparatively massive audiences that consoles can bring to bear.