Dell CFO: Tablets will gain ground in enterprises


"I think we'll have ... capabilities and hardware, whether that's a 10-inch Windows-based device that starts to look and feel a lot like a notebook, or whether it's an Android device that fits into the virtualized desktop sort of environment and runs current applications in a different operating system environment," Gladden said.

The carriers will also continue to be an important partner as Dell dives deeper into the mobile space, Gladden said.

"As you look at 3G, 4G-enabled devices that will be ... a prevalent resource for a salesperson for instance, clearly you'd want to have a carrier as a part of that offering," Gladden said.

A number of companies are already using tablets like Apple's iPad for functions like remote access, e-mail, document creation and inventory gathering. The iPad has also been used as a virtual desktop and a tool to demonstrate products at trade shows.

Gladden also said that the company was looking at putting low-power processors designed by Arm inside servers.