Day 9: Testing Out Some Twitter Tools


Overall, I like the look and feel of Gwibber better, but it seems flaky and dysfunctional. Choqok seems to work much better. In the end, neither of them is , though. Thankfully, I can just use Tweetdeck.

Tweetdeck is an Adobe Air application, and Adobe Air is available in the Ubuntu Software Center. Do, I installed Adobe Air, then went to the Tweetdeck Website to download the desktop app. Clicking on the Tweetdeck air file installs using Adobe Air by default, so a couple clicks later I had Tweetdeck up and running. Ah, now that's more like it. Forget Gwibber and Choqok.

Interesting side note. Whenever I want to install something or do just about anything, a permission box pops up for me to enter my password to authorize the action. I find it interesting that Ubuntu Linux behaves very similar to Windows 7 UAC prompts in that regard.

One more quick side note. I figure out today that the "Aero Snap" functions of snapping a window to the left or right, or maximizing it by dragging it to the top of the display are part of Ubuntu, and are not .