Day 9: Testing Out Some Twitter Tools


I opened Gwibber and added my Facebook and Twitter accounts. The default view has a bunch of icons down the left for accessing different features and message streams, and then a big pane on the right where the messages are displayed. At the top, you can choose from combined streams of messages, mentions, pictures, videos, links, personal messages you have received, and personal messages you have sent. Below that, there is a separate bar for Facebook and for Twitter that let you view those same things, but narrowed to the specific service.

I clicked on Gwibber in the menu bar and decided to see what New Stream would do. All of the icons on the left disappeared, and instead I had two columns of messages with dropdown arrows at the top. I added a couple other new streams, and configured one to be my incoming Twitter feed, one for my Twitter mentions, one for my Facebook feed, and one for my Twitter lists. The problem is that Facebook and Twitter lists columns never populated with any information. I tried messing with the Facebook stream, but could not get it to work.

I don't see anywhere to modify or edit the Twitter lists column in any way, so I can't do anything to figure out why it's blank. But, Gwibber seems to work as advertised for basic Twitter.

I thought I would see what else was out there, so I went back to the Ubuntu Software Center and just typed Twitter. There were five options to choose from: gTwitter, Qwit, Twitux, Gwibber, and Choqok. Gwibber only has a rating of 2.5 stars, but it does have by far the most ratings counted, with 64. only has three ratings, but it has the highest average, with 4.5 stars.

I installed Choqok and set up my Twitter account again (Choqok doesn't do Facebook). Choqok uses a tabbed interface that has my incoming feed, mentions, direct message inbox, and direct message outbox as options. At the top, though, is a dropdown button labeled More. I clicked it and selected Add User List, and I was able to add a couple new tabs with my filtered lists that I have created in Twitter.