Ballmer: I'm not going to WWDC

Due to incorrect information provided by a Microsoft representative, the InfoWorld story "Ballmer: I'm not going to WWDC," which ran Thursday, misstated Microsoft's plans to support iPhone app development with its Visual Studio programming tools. Microsoft now says it has no plans to provide such support.

The story on the wire has been corrected, including changes to the drophead (second headline) and throughout the story.

The new drophead reads: "The Microsoft CEO was rumored to be speaking at Apple's developer conference about Visual Studio 2010 accommodating the iPhone OS"

The corrected story reads as follows:

Contrary to a , Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will not be presenting at the Apple WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) in two weeks.

Speculation had centered on Ballmer appearing at the San Francisco event to talk about Visual Studio 2010 accommodating Apple's , which feature applications based on the Objective-C language. But a Microsoft twitter message on Thursday account rejected the notion of Ballmer speaking at the conference.