4 Easy Answers to iPhone 4 Problems

So what if some when the hand covers the antenna? That's your problem, not Apple's. "Non issue," Apple chief executive Steve Jobs . "Just avoid holding it in that way."

Fair enough, but what about iPhone 4's other reported issues, including , , and ? If Apple's going to pin the antenna problem on users, why stop there? Here's how the company should handle all those other pesky complaints:

It's called Xanthopsia -- yellow vision. . You'll find suggesting Vincent Van Gogh was affected by Xanthopsia due to a certain kind of epilepsy medication, and the result was some really awesome art. Think of the wonderful things you'll do on an iPhone 4 with a yellow-blotched screen. You probably won't go insane and cut off your own earlobe.

To put it bluntly, your friends are ugly. So are your children. I'm sorry, but for the good of the open Internet, Apple can't let those photos show up on Flickr or Facebook. Better to keep that .