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  • Gewinnspiel mit Super-Androiden

    PC-WELT und Bitrix verlosen ein HTC One M8 - 10 GB Onlinespeicher gibt's noch dazu

    PC-WELT und Bitrix verlosen ein HTC One M8 unter allen Lesern, die sich bis spätestens 30. April 10 GB Online-Speicher bei Bitrix24 sichern. Der Online-Speicher ist gratis.  …mehr

  • CFOs Will Start Hiring -- When Results Surge

    A suggests that they are waiting for proof of a solid economic turnaround -- in the results in their own companies -- before committing to major hiring.  …mehr

  • Sprint Spits Fire at AT&T-Mo FCC Filing

    AT&T filed documents with the FCC today seeking approval of the company's planned $39 billion , and Sprint responded in harsh terms.  …mehr

  • Remains of the Day: Location, location, location

    Members of Congress have many questions about iPhone location logging, and they're not afraid to ask. Elsewhere, Greenpeace has reengaged Apple, Cupertino may be handing out supercharged iPhones, and the prevalence of cheap games may be--surprise--hurting expensive games. The remainders for Thursday, April 21, 2011 would never play games--with your heart.  …mehr

  • IPv4 addresses down to last block -- rationing starts

    Another landmark stage has been reached in the exhaustion of IPv4 internet addresses. APNIC (Asia-Pacific Network Information Centre), the body responsible for distribution of addresses in the region that includes New Zealand, is down to its last /8 block of IPv4 -- a mere 67 million individual addresses.  …mehr

  • Maingear F131 Super Stock

    Maingear returns to the top of our Mainstream charts with another desktop equipped with Super Stock options, to fight for the top of our charts. The Maingear F131 Super Stock ($2,224 as of 4/21/2011) manages to hang with and even exceed all comparable competitors.  …mehr

  • The Tech Tug-of-War

    This week, I interviewed Joel Feldman, senior director of financial planning and analysis at baked goods company Otis Spunkmeyer. . Interestingly, he said that finance led the way on this decision with input from IT. When I asked if IT minded finance choosing a SaaS, he said no, and that they seemed relieved -- because they had their hands full already with other more business-critical projects.  …mehr

  • Google Says: 'If You Can't Buy Groupon, Beat 'Em'

    Google started soliciting subscribers to its new Google Offers service today, adding yet another player into the increasingly crowded daily deal industry.  …mehr

  • Outgrowing Excel: For Some It's Half-Baked

    When Joel Feldman first was brought into three years ago, his charge was to implement a new budgeting tool. Feldman, a former finance manager at Clorox before becoming Spunkmeyer's senior director of financial planning and analysis, chose a cloud-computing software-as-a-service offering to replace the "siloed" Excel-based process.  …mehr

  • Amazon gets 'black eye' from cloud outage

    For a company that's known as the dominant player in the cloud market, Amazon's troubles on Thursday means a black eye for the company and for the cloud in general.  …mehr

  • Amazon outage sparks frustration, doubts about cloud

    Amazon's has the potential to set back cloud adoption by giving businesses -- especially those already on the fence -- a strong reason to go slow.  …mehr

  • Watch out Groupon, here comes Google Offers

    Watch out Groupon. Google launched a beta test this week of , going head-to-head with the increasingly popular . is kicking off its coupon service in the Portland, Or. area.  …mehr

  • Three Great Mobile Mind Mapping Apps

    All this week, I've been talking about how amazingly useful mind-mapping is for a variety of creative and business tasks. In my last post, I looked at a few of the best mind-mapping tools for Windows. Today we'll check out some of the coolest mind mappers for smartphones and tablets.  …mehr

  • Lifebook Laptops Have Pico Projectors, Palm Vein Sensors

    Fujitsu's most recently Lifebook laptops pack some pretty unusual features: The Lifebook S761 and P771 replace the optical drive with a , while the E741 boasts a contact-less authentication system that reads the veins in your palm. The new laptops may seem like solutions in search of a need to many, but there may be a (very) niche market for them too.  …mehr

  • Libya loses grip on telecom investments in Africa

    The Libyan government is losing its grip on Africa's telecom market following a freeze of the country's investments in Zambia, South Africa, Uganda and Rwanda.  …mehr

  • Nine Green Apps That Can Save You Cash

    There's no doubt that businesses need to become more environmentally aware in their everyday decision-making if the planet is to have a sustainable future. What's equally compelling about many eco-minded strategies and solutions, however, is that they can also save you money.  …mehr

  • How to Get More Twitter Followers: 5 Do's and Don'ts

    Twitter has evolved into one of the most popular, go-to tools when it comes to reaching broad audiences, whether you're promoting content, branding yourself as an expert in a field or who share similar interests.  …mehr

  • Why Samsung Took the Apple Patent Battle International

    It is no surprise that against Apple's claims of patent infringement with some patent accusations of its own, but the fact that Samsung chose to file lawsuits internationally against Apple in three different countries seems a bit perplexing. While it may seem like a random move on the part of Samsung to include the world in , there is a method to the madness.  …mehr

  • Anonymous: 'For once we didn't do it'

    Anonymous -- the group credited with and by attacking websites of its perceived enemies -- says it has nothing to do with the network trouble crippling Sony's PlayStation site, despite having declared a cyber jihad against the company.  …mehr

  • 4 iPhone App Easter Eggs

    Everyone loves finding hidden goodies in software--almost as much as developers enjoy putting them there. These "Easter eggs" are mostly for fun, but some might contain useful extra features or options. After digging around on the internet, I've found some of the more interesting Easter eggs in apps that you can currently download on your or iPod Touch.  …mehr

  • Nintendo Axes Game Boy Advance Support

    With so many other Nintendo handhelds on the market, it had to happen eventually. We learned today that Nintendo is finally discontinuing the DS Lite, effectively ending GBA support for their handheld consoles.  …mehr

  • Windows 7 expands lead over Vista, still dwarfed by Windows XP

    7 has expanded its lead over Windows Vista with more than 350 million licenses sold after 18 months on the market, said Friday. But Windows XP, older than both Vista and 7, still captures about half of the desktop operating system market with Mac and far behind.  …mehr

  • More Proof DVDs Are a Dying Medium

    While Hollywood pushes Blu-ray as the next generation entertainment format new research suggests it may be wasting it's time pedaling the optical disc format. analyst Richard Greenfield notes that Google searches for rental services like Redbox and especially Netflix have skyrocketed and searches for DVDs have flat-lined.  …mehr

  • OpenFeint Purchased for $104M

    If you're big into iPhone or Android games, you've probably run into the OpenFeint overlay, a framework for social gaming features that predated Apple's own Game Center app and is still a favorite among mobile game developers looking to add things like leaderboards and achievements to their games. This week, it was announced that OpenFeint now has new owners who bought the company for over $104 million.  …mehr

  • Windows 8 facial recognition moves closer to reality

    We've known for almost a year that is building into 8, potentially offering a more secure (and fun) way to log into your computer.  …mehr

  • Save Money and Trees With Green Printing Tools

    Companies and organizations come in virtually countless shapes and sizes, but one thing that tends to unite them all is at least some reliance on . Hand in hand with that fact, in turn, come the ubiquitous paper, toner and other various related items, all of which can add up both in the budget and in their toll on the planet.  …mehr

  • Three Laptop Parts You Can Replace Cheap on eBay

    The battery on my Asus U6S laptop is just over three years old. Unsurprisingly, it can barely hold a charge anymore, in part because the person who used it most (I'm looking at you, Mrs. Hassle-Free PC) kept it plugged in all the time. As I've mentioned in the past, that's a surefire way to .  …mehr

  • Roleplayers' Realm II: Final Fantasy IV, The Elder Scrolls V

    What does Final Fantasy IV mean to you?  …mehr

  • Seattle police say 'wardrivers' are hitting small businesses

    Seattle police are investigating a group of criminals who they say have been cruising around town in a black Mercedes stealing credit card data by tapping into wireless networks belonging to area businesses.  …mehr

  • BlackBerry PlayBook Security Tips

    Research In Motion's (RIM) much-anticipated BlackBerry PlayBook tablet hit stores this week in the United States and Canada. some 50,000 PlayBooks--a mere fraction of the hundreds of thousands of iPads Apple sold on its recent launch day, but a healthy chuck of gadgets nonetheless.  …mehr

  • Rwanda to hand off ICT asset management to private sector

    The Rwanda government has begun the process to find a private manager for information and communication technology (ICT) assets worth more than US$100 million, including a 2,300 kilometer fiber-optic cable.  …mehr

  • Does Impaired Goodwill Reflect a CFO's Resume?

    Certain prior work experiences of top executives -- such as CFOs' familiarity with auditing procedures -- can greatly affect their treatment of cases involving the somewhat subjective matter of goodwill, suggests.  …mehr

  • Huawei open to more US acquisitions

    Huawei Technologies may seek more acquisitions in the U.S. after its ill-fated purchase of assets from 3Leaf Systems, and it thinks an ongoing dialog it has set up with the federal government could help to ease those deals through.  …mehr

  • 24 Hours With the BlackBerry PlayBook

    I bought a Blackberry yesterday, but I'll probably return it.  …mehr

  • iPad 2 sales hurt by Q1 production shortages

    If you think it's hard to get your hands on an 2 now, gird up your loins: It's likely to get harder.  …mehr

  • iPad apps help kids master the alphabet

    For kids, learning the alphabet isn't exactly as easy as A-B-C. While you and I may have mastered the alphabet from books or television, children today are just as likely to study letters and their sounds with the magical multitouch device that is the iPad. My daughters (ages 4 and 2) helped me test three ostensibly educational apps. Our questions: Are they really teaching the kids anything? And perhaps even more importantly, are they fun?  …mehr

  • Remains of the Day: Hold the phone

    The white iPhone is nigh! Thankfully, we can all move on to discussing what the iPhone 5 will look like. Meanwhile, AT&T sobs that it needs T-Mobile just to keep up with smartphone traffic, and one profile of Mac users versus PC users will likely have all of us sighing into our Chardonnay or Chianti. The remainders for Friday, April 22, 2011 wish you a happy Earth day.  …mehr

  • Tablets Poised To Replace Waiters' Primary Functions

    Sick of long wait times or restaurants? Loathe idle banter? Suffer no more! One startup company called (get it? 'E' for electronic. Hah!), is offering tablets which will be able to take your order, entertain you, and accept your payments.They're calling it a "Restaurant Revolution." Touché!  …mehr

  • Thanks, Amazon: The Cloud Crash Reveals Your Importance

    The has shone a light on the number of Websites that use the service, which allows companies to hire computing power inexpensively on Amazon's systems.  …mehr

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