Meldungen vom 10.10.2009

  • Karriere im Web 2.0

    So präsentieren Sie sich richtig

    Wer sich bewirbt, sollte seine Online-Präsenz im Griff haben. Viele Arbeitgeber durchleuchten systematisch die persönlichen Daten der Bewerber in Social Networks wie Facebook oder Xing. …mehr

  • National Semi's CEO Halla to retire

    National Semiconductor on Friday said that CEO Brian Halla will step down from the position, with the reigns being handed over to the current president and chief operating officer. …mehr

  • There's no such thing as a 'business cell phone'

    JD Power announced today that the Apple's iPhone ranked No. 1 in customer satisfaction for "smartphones in business," beating out LG and BlackBerry. …mehr

  • 'A Bear Ate My iPhone!'

    The "geniuses" at the Apple Store in Vermont have probably run into all sorts of excuses for broken iPhones, but they just didn't believe Kris Rowley. "A bear ate my iPhone," she told them. …mehr

  • Dell Latitude Z600

    You read car magazines for reviews of wheels you want to buy--and of the odd machine that you'd never be able to afford in a million years but can admire from afar. That's the Dell Latitude Z600 ultraslim laptop. Wait--a "sexy" Dell Latitude? It's hardly practical--or economical--but if you're into forward-thinking tech, this portable that starts at around $2000-plus is worth a good longing look. (Our review unit, as configured, sells for a mere $4323 with its ). …mehr

  • Acresso who? Macrovision spinoff changes name, again

    Under a legal threat from another software firm with a similar name, Acresso Software Inc. is changing its name to Flexera Software after just 19 months. …mehr

  • Bevy brings a unique view to application launching

    Between the Dock, Spotlight, and innumerable third-party utilities, I'm always surprised when I find a new approach to application launching for Mac OS X. But Bevy is just that. Press a keyboard shortcut, or click on Bevy's menu-bar icon, and Bevy pops up a graphical display of all applications on your Mac, with currently running programs highlighted. (See the screenshot at the bottom of this article.) Click on a program's icon to launch (or switch) to it. It's a unique--and even fun--approach to working with applications. In my testing, I found it also helped me rediscover stuff I'd forgotten I'd installed. …mehr

  • TDK develops 320GB optical disc

    TDK has developed a prototype optical disc that can hold up to 320GB of information -- that's more than six times the current highest-capacity media available. …mehr

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