Meldungen vom 21.05.2009

  • Kompakter Mini-Server von Dell

    Rechenpower auf kleinstem Raum

    Dell hat eine neue Marktlücke entdeckt: Mini-Server mit Netbook-Prozessor. Der IT-Riese bringt einen preiswerten Kompakt-Server für Rechenzentren auf den Markt. Statt aufwändiger Virtualisierungslösungen stehen kompakte Abmessungen und ein niedriger Stromverbrauch im Vordergrund. …mehr

  • Früher als erwartet

    Blackberry Storm 2 soll im Juni herauskommen

    Laut Angaben des Fan-Blog trainiert der US-Netzbetreiber Verizon bereits seit letzter Woche seine Kundenbetreuer am Storm 2. …mehr

  • Fünf Games

    Die besten Spieleklassiker für den Blackberry

    Mach mal Pause: Ob Sie am Flughafen warten oder in der Bahn zur Arbeit sitzen - kurzweilige Entspannung tut Not und gut. Wir haben die fünf besten Spieleklassiker für den Blackberry. …mehr

  • Twitter hit with phishing attacks

    Twitter users who thought friends were directing them to a "funny blog" Thursday ended up experiencing something completely different: a phishing scam. …mehr

  • Pentax Optio E70

    The Pentax Optio E70 is a compact, intuitive, and fun camera that is a cinch to use. It fits easily in your pocket, and it has enough modes to handle whatever lighting or subjects you encounter. While chock-full of features, this streamlined model is also great for beginning photographers who just want an inexpensive camera (as little as $120 as of 5/19/09) for snapping reasonably good digital photos. …mehr

  • Virtual server management demands strong policies, automation tools

    Automation tools are important in preventing , but IT managers have to set strict policies and enforce them to avoid unnecessary proliferation of virtual machines. …mehr

  • Wikipedia drops GNU in favor of Creative Commons license

    The Wikimedia Foundation will change the terms under which it licenses the content in Wikipedia, the organization said Thursday. …mehr

  • Roundup: 9 in-ear-canal headphones

    There's no easier way to improve the sound quality of your iPod than to swap out the original Apple earbuds for something better. With the right 'phones (and quality audio files, of course) the iPod is capable of producing truly excellent sound. To help you find the right step up the audio ladder, we've rounded up nine current in-ear-canal headphones (also known as "canalphones"). A complete discussion of what makes this kind of headphones unique is available in , but the quick description is that canalphones fit down your ear canals and are designed to block most external noise. …mehr

  • Smartphone sales rise in Q1; RIM, Apple see biggest gains

    Due to an error by Gartner, Wednesday's Computerworld story "Smartphone sales rise in Q1; RIM, Apple see biggest gains" provided an incorrect percentage for the decline in worldwide mobile phone shipments. The correct figure is 8.6 percent.  …mehr

  • Bugs hit Facebook application verification program

    Facebook's Application Verification Program, controversial due to its concept of charging developers to have their applications certified as "trustworthy," has run into technical problems. …mehr

  • MIT: Cloud computing to reshape IT

    A panel of experts yesterday said that more companies would look to in the near future because of its potential cost savings and its ability to deliver flexible scaling.Speaking at the this week, four panelists described several advantages and potential pitfalls for companies that utilize cloud computing to outsource key IT features. Broadly speaking, cloud computing services use Internet technologies to deliver IT-related capabilities directly to users. During the panel discussion, Rackspace Cloud General Manager Emil Sayegh described cloud computing as “a set of pooled computing resources that’s powered by software and delivered over the Web.”Cloud computing differs from traditional IT infrastructure because it treats IT more as a utility rather than as a piece of dedicated physical infrastructure that must be managed and upgraded internally. Ed Bugnion, who currently serves as the CTO of Cisco’s Server Access and Virtualization Business Unit, said that cloud computing technology is still “nascent” but that it “is something that has tremendous growth potential… it’s basically a transformation from IT in data centers to more virtualized technology.”Ron Markezich, the corporate vice president for Microsoft Online, said that cloud computing would give IT customers a new business model where “they don’t have to worry about upgrades and capital for hardware” since those upgrades would be provided over the web by the service providers. This, in turn, would save companies’ IT departments both time and money and would allow IT departments the flexibility to assign their top workers to more high-value tasks.“The benefits of cloud computing start and end with the dollars you can save,” he said. “But it can also help getting your best people away from working in areas that can be outsourced to the cloud. This way you can allow your best people to focus on an area that drives differentiation for your company.”The other big virtue of cloud computing, agreed the panelists, was its ability to provide flexibility in scaling beyond what standard dedicated infrastructure could provide. Because cloud services are virtualized and delivered over the Internet, users can more easily increase or decrease capacity depending on their current needs. Thus, said Sayegh, companies using cloud computing wouldn’t have to spend additional money decided how much new capacity they need to build out.“We’re seeing more and more user cases where they’re starting new projects and they find a lack of predictability of how much capacity they’re going to need,” he explained. “That gets expensive very quickly… the advantage of cloud computing is that you can turn over the keys and forget all the issues with scaling.”But even while panelists praised the advantages of cloud computing, they pointed to some limitations that could hinder its widespread adoption. Sayegh, for example, said that certain database-intensive applications would likely perform better with dedicated infrastructure. He also said that industries that are under heavy regulatory control, such as healthcare, would be better off using dedicated systems rather than cloud computing services.Goss International CIO Bill Rogers, meanwhile, said that one of the impediments to adopting cloud computing was that many CIOs were confused about exactly what cloud computing is. Noting that cloud computing is more of an “industry buzzword” than a concrete concept, Rogers said that he’s spoken with several different vendors who have all defined cloud computing in different ways. The result of this is that many companies come away from discussions with vendors unsure of what they’re buying when they purchase cloud services and are thus wary of investing in something that has no standard definition.In the end, Sayegh said that companies’ best strategy for deciding whether cloud computing services are right for them is to experiment and examine how well cloud computing fits in with their business models.“I would encourage CIOs to dabble with it and look to see what they can use to save themselves money,” he said. …mehr

  • IBM touts SSD data management software for its servers, arrays

    IBM is now providing management software across all of its servers and storage arrays that identifies the most highly accessed data applications and migrates them to solid-state disk (SSD) drives to improve application performance. …mehr

  • Intel once again delays Itanium chip

    After multiple delays, Intel on Thursday once again pushed back the release of its next-generation Itanium server chip to the first quarter of 2010. …mehr

  • Wall Street Beat: HP, Lenovo disappoint but IPOs rock

    Successful initial public offerings this week from network management company SolarWinds and Web-based restaurant reservation company OpenTable were offset by disappointing results from Hewlett-Packard and Lenovo, which said they face a tough sales climate for the rest of the year. …mehr

  • The Macalope Weekly: The waiting is the hardest part

    Wal-Mart may be making a push to sell Macs next to iPhones (which are next to the ShamWow in aisle five) and Apple may need the extra sales, because has the unpossible happened? Has Microsoft surpassed Apple in perceived value?! And don't go fumbling for your wallet to buy an Apple tablet yet, looks like we're going to have to wait a while. …mehr

  • NASA's souped-up Hubble set to probe history of the cosmos

    With the and more powerful than ever, the orbiter soon will be looking out toward the edge of the observable universe, probing the early history of the cosmos. …mehr

  • NetApp's $1.5B purchase of Data Domain focuses on de-dupe, backup

    has agreed to purchase for $1.5 billion in a deal that will bolster the storage company’s ability to de-duplicate data and provide backup for systems from rival vendors such as EMC and HP. …mehr

  • Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W230

    In the realm of , the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W230 distinguishes itself from the pack with a beautiful 3-inch LCD screen, a , great in-camera features, and easy-as-pie access to scene modes. …mehr

  • Mozilla looks to enable Web personalization

    Mozilla Labs on Wednesday afternoon unveiled an open source project intended to explore new ways to extend and personalize the Web via Firefox browser add-ons. …mehr

  • Get Free Office Gear and Employee Perks

    I rarely buy office gear at full price, thanks to sites like . But when I'm feeling particularly miserly--and that's part of running a business, right?--nothing beats . Your selection and quality can plummet when you spend nothing, but here's how to walk away with great finds. …mehr

  • Yahoo brings social news site Buzz to India

    Yahoo introduced on Thursday to India its , which identifies the top news stories and blog posts based on user votes and search patterns. …mehr

  • Microsoft's Kumo search engine creates buzz

    Microsoft has not even released or confirmed next week's rumored release of its Kumo search engine, and already the industry is speculating what the new engine will or will not do, both in terms of functionality and for the company's search market share. …mehr

  • VMware pulls trigger on vSphere 'cloud OS'

    After eight months of hype VMware has finally delivered the update to its core virtualization platform, announcing Thursday that vSphere 4 is generally available worldwide. …mehr

  • Xerox appoints new CEO

    Xerox announced Thursday it had appointed a new CEO, Ursula Burns, to replace current CEO and Chairman Anne Mulcahy, who announced her retirement from the post. …mehr

  • Subscriptions, Sonos, and the Second Coming

    This week I've written and talked a bit about subscription music services--sparked by that allows unlimited streaming and five DRM-free 256kbps MP3 files per month. I ended my look at the new Napster this way: …mehr

  • Apple to avoid netbook, try tablet in 2010, says analyst

    Apple will wait until next year to enter the netbook market, and then will unveil not a knock-off, but a tablet-like device priced between $500 and $700, a Wall Street analyst said today. …mehr

  • GPS performance could degrade but won't fail, Air Force says

    The Global Positioning System in use by the U.S. military, as well as millions of motorists globally as they navigate roadways, is not in danger of going down, although there is some risk of degraded performance as reported by a government accountability group, an Air Force colonel said in a Twitter forum. …mehr

  • Conficker still infecting 50,000 PCs per day

    The Conficker worm is still infecting systems at a brisk rate and continues to snag computers in Fortune 1000 companies, according to security researchers. …mehr

  • Data center skills discussion sparks debate

    With a shortfall of available IT jobs, recent discussion regarding a trend toward in today's data centers caused many high-tech professionals to cringe, as veterans claim a lack of knowledge will ultimately hurt IT organizations. …mehr

  • Nonprofits sometimes on cutting edge of technology

    Cash-strapped nonprofits may not be the first place many would think to look for novel uses of technology, but it turns out some of them are on the cutting edge.  …mehr

  • Apple tablet speculation rekindled in Wall Street report

    The rumor that Apple is preparing for 2010 a tablet-like netbook with a 7- to 10-inch multi-touch screen and a price tag of less than $700 has gained a new lease on life, based on a Wall Street analyst’s new report, cited by …mehr

  • Older Ruby line gets new maintainer

    Engine Yard, which has offered services for the Ruby language and , has taken over maintenance responsibilities for an older release of the language. …mehr

  • Add a Dropdown Terminal Window To Gnome With Tilda

    As users become more experienced with Linux, the almost invariably learn to love (or at least tolerate) the powerful command line interface of the terminal. For super-quick access to the terminal window, I recommend a handy utility called Tilda, which places the terminal in a dropdown menu at the top of the screen. Hit a key and it slides out from just beneath the panel. Hit a key again and it slides back up again. …mehr

  • The Google Chrome 2.0 Web Browser is Ready for Prime Time

    Google has upgraded its Chrome 2.0 Web browser from being in test . With this latest update, compared to early beta 2.0 releases of the browser, Google adds new features includeing full-screen mode, an improved new tab page, and the support for auto-fill of text within Web page forms. …mehr

  • Keep Kids Safe Online: The KIDO'Z Browser

    Yesterday we looked at . Today let's turn our attention to the browser itself, which is not only a potentially confusing environment for kids, but also an unintentional (for them, anyway) gateway to the Web's seamy underbelly. …mehr

  • Federal CIOs still face cloud computing hurdles

    U.S. government agencies want to use more cloud-computing services, but several hurdles still stand in the way, including the U.S. government's budgeting process and a lack of understanding of government's needs by vendors, three agency IT executives said. …mehr

  • Malware knocks out U.S. Marshals Service network

    Malware Wednesday crippled Windows-based computer systems at the U.S. Marshals Service, which hunts federal fugitives and operates the country's witness protection program, knocking the agency’s network offline. …mehr

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