Mozilla looks to enable Web personalization

Mozilla Labs on Wednesday afternoon unveiled an open source project intended to explore new ways to extend and personalize the Web via Firefox browser add-ons.

The JetPack project features an add-on creation process for the browser that is more accessible technically. Anyone who can build a Web site can participate in making the Web as a place to work, play, and communicate, a Mozilla representative said. Developers can build features that are secure, easy to install, and faster to review, according to Mozilla. The features can be added to a browser without restart or compatibility issues, thus resulting in little or no disruption to an online experience.

The effort is being spearheaded by Aza Raskin, Mozilla head of user experience. Firefox feature development will be as easy as writing a few lines of code, Mozilla said.

"With Jetpack, we're building upon our experience over the last four years empowering a community of more than 8,000 developers to produce more than 12,000 add-ons to imagine and build the next generation of the add-ons platform," the JetPack team said in . "We want to grow our community of developers by orders of magnitude through making add-on creation much more accessible and yet more powerful by developing it as an extensible platform for innovation itself."

JetPack is intended to extend development of add-ons to HTML, JavaScript, and CSS programmers.