Meldungen vom 26.12.2008

  • Nintendo's Wii to get video channel in 2009

    Nintendo plans to launch a video channel for its Wii console in 2009, it said Thursday. …mehr

  • Run Windows on a Mac with VMWare Fusion

    If you need or want to run Windows (or other operating systems) on your Intel-powered Mac, the leading products in the segment are Parallels Desktop for Mac and (plus, there's also Sun Microsystems' ). …mehr

  • More details of Sony's new laptop revealed

    Another day, another Sony laptop specification revealed? At the beginning of this week, Sony New Zealand began a teaser campaign for a new Vaio laptop. That was followed by Sony Japan on Wednesday, which offered a visual clue to the new machine, and Sony U.S. on Thursday apparently let the laptop's specifications out of the bag. …mehr

  • Verizon wins $31 million judgment in cybersquatting case

    Verizon Communications has won USD$31.15 million in damages in a cybersquatting case it brought against domain registry OnlineNIC, while Microsoft is seeking judgment against the same company and Yahoo has recently filed similar charges. …mehr

  • Wall Street Beat: IT crawls to end of a tough year

    Though Amazon and Red Hat provided a few glimmers of sunlight the tech sector suffered through a turbulent week, with no signs of letup soon. …mehr

  • Build Your own Model Parthenon with Google Sketchup

    Do you have a need to create 3D models of houses, decks, buildings, home woodworking projects, and more? If so, you'll want to try the free . This 3D modeling program gives you all the sophisticated tools you need, including those for creating very precise drawings, such as a protractor and a tape measure. Whether you're an architect or just want to design a backyard deck, you'll find it useful.  …mehr

  • The geek gifts you didn't get for Christmas 2008

    It's hard to be a geek at Christmastime. Sure, there are lots of cool tech toys and gadgets on display on store shelves, and a few may have landed under your tree this year. Perhaps Absolutely Mad: 50 Years of Mad Magazine on DVD, a Microsoft Xbox 360, an Apple , a Garmin Nuvi 880, and one or more of the hot smartphones: the . …mehr

  • Why Can't I Run Multiple USB Devices?

    ImAWhat asked the Answer Line forum why, when he has two USB devices plugged into his "really cheap laptop," he can't run a third. …mehr

  • Satyam demands apology from World Bank

    Indian outsourcer Satyam Computer Services has demanded an apology from the World Bank for statements made after it barred Satyam from the bank's direct contracts for a period of eight years. …mehr

  • Wal-Mart to sell iPhone 3G starting Dec. 28

    Wal-Mart Friday announced the long-expected availability of the iPhone 3G at almost 2,500 stores beginning Sunday. …mehr

  • Panasonic to show powerline network prototypes at CES

    Panasonic plans to unveil a networking system that can connect an electric car to home devices via electrical wiring at January's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. …mehr

  • Elpida and Taiwanese DRAM makers in tie-up talks

    Hit by an industry-wide downturn that means they lose money on every chip they make, three Asian DRAM (dynamic RAM) makers have begun talks on bringing their companies together under a single group. …mehr

  • Just The Best Tech Lists of 2008

    Year-in-review lists are all the rage right now. Everyone's counting down the top this-or-that of 2008, and amidst the noise, there's some pretty interesting content out there. I dug through dozens of tech-related "top of 2008" lists to find the cream of the crop. Here are 10 stories that stood out from the rest -- and no, I didn't include this page as one of them. …mehr

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