The geek gifts you didn't get for Christmas 2008

It's hard to be a geek at Christmastime. Sure, there are lots of cool tech toys and gadgets on display on store shelves, and a few may have landed under your tree this year. Perhaps Absolutely Mad: 50 Years of Mad Magazine on DVD, a Microsoft Xbox 360, an Apple , a Garmin Nuvi 880, and one or more of the hot smartphones: the .

But it takes a geek to know what a true geek really wants, and chances are your friends and family aren't all that geeky.

So which true-geek items might they have given you? InfoWorld's band of mad scientists -- a motley crew of software, networking, datacenter, and hardware experts that habituates the -- offers recommendations on what they lust after ... and know their fellow geeks do, too. Christmas may be over, but you can still give the gift of geek tech to yourself

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In alphabetical order, here are our top 10 picks: * Apple * Botanicalls * Cathode Corner * EVGA * Eye-Fi * 4th Motion * MvixUSA * Sky Factory * SRS Labs * Yoggie

And delve into our .