Meldungen vom 06.01.2006

  • ROKR E2: Live-Bilder und Details zum iRadio-Dienst

    Für Redakteure zahlt es sich vor allem am Anfang eines Jahres aus, seinen Wohnsitz in den USA und ein wenig Kleingeld für den Flug ins Reich der Spieler und Glücksritter übrig zu haben. Danken wir gemeinsam Michael Oryl, dem Editor des Online-Magazins MobileBurn aus Philadelphia, dass er keine Kosten und Mühen scheut, der Welt seine Fotos der CES zu präsentieren... …mehr

  • Was globale Teams erfolgreich macht

    Internationale Projektteams leben von der Kompetenzvielfalt ihrer Mitglieder. Wer sich den Herausforderungen stellt, profitiert auch persönlich davon. …mehr

  • Microsofts WMF-Patch ist bereits verfügbar

    Freitagmorgen kurz vor ein Uhr hat uns die deutsche Microsoft-Pressestelle informiert, dass der Konzern seinen Patch für das brisante WMF-Sicherheitsleck in Windows nun doch schon vor dem regulären Patch-Zyklus am kommenden Dienstag veröffentlicht hat. …mehr

  • EMC to realign workforce, sets record earnings for '05

    EMC said Friday that it will "rebalance" its workforce by 1,000 employees this year, using the savings from layoffs to hire new workers for sales and marketing. At the same time, the storage vendor announced preliminary fourth-quarter and year-end results that beat its expectations and set a revenue record. …mehr

  • Buggy app causes tax problems in US state

    The state of Wisconsin has begun working to fix a troubled US$37 million tax system that has caused mistakes in collecting and distributing millions of dollars. …mehr

  • Microsoft exec explains early WMF patch

    Microsoft Corp. Thursday released an out-of-cycle patch for the Windows Metafile (WMF) flaw amid growing concerns of widespread exploits aimed at the vulnerability. In an interview with Computerworld, Debby Fry Wilson, director of the Microsoft Security Response Center, talked last night about the company's efforts to get the patch out and about the security community's response to the whole issue. …mehr

  • IRS hopes for happier returns with redesigned Web site

    As the 2006 tax-filing season swings into full gear, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service is touting a redesigned Web site that agency officials said will better assist taxpayers and tax preparers. The redesign is the first overhaul since 2002, IRS officials said.  …mehr

  • Latest Sober attack appears to do little damage

    Almost a full day after the latest version of the prolific Sober worm was programmed to launch its next round of attacks, there appears to be little sign that the worm is doing any of the damage it was expected to unleash. …mehr

  • Three more US states add laws on data breaches

    Companies struggling to keep up with a patchwork of US state laws related to data privacy and information security have three more to contend with, as new security-breach notification laws went into effect in Illinois, Louisiana and New Jersey on Jan. 1. …mehr

  • Unisys snags $750M, three-year US gov't contract

    After helping to create the ground-up IT infrastructure for the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in 2002, Unisys Corp. has won a new TSA services contract worth up to US$750 million over three years. …mehr

  • Promotions at Fandango and Intergraph

    While I was on vacation, the big news (in case you haven't already heard about it) was that Massachusetts' embattled CIO Peter Quinn handed in his resignation. Quinn became a lightning rod for controversy when he announced in September 2005 official plans to require all documents created by the state's executive branch to be stored in an open format, as opposed to Microsoft Word or some other proprietary file format, beginning in 2007. About two months later, the state began investigating whether trips Quinn made to technology conferences violated state travel procedures, according to a story in The Boston Globe, which spurred the inquiry. Although Quinn was vindicated, he apparently had had enough of the controversy surrounding him.  …mehr

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