Wikileaks leader talks of courage and wrestling pigs


Critics raise ethical concerns about the site's anonymity and some of the documents it releases, and complain it can be used to "leak" fake documents. Its decision last year to publish in Australia, which included links to child pornography sites, was seen by some as misguided.

"When you start to argue for free speech by disseminating child pornography, you know your argument has lost legitimacy," the U.K magazine Bad Idea at the time.

Assange argues that censorship in any form is wrong. Politicians use child pornography as a blunt stick to ban any content they disapprove of, he said, because the topic stirs such high emotions.

Publishing the Australian blacklist earned Wikileaks a police raid in Germany, which was just finalizing some of the first national Web censorship laws to be adopted by a Western country. Police raided the home of the owner of Wikileaks' German URL, though no formal charges have been filed. Assange said Wikileaks is ready to publish Germany's Internet blacklist as soon as it's available.

The Wikileaks leader has had trouble of his own with police over a very different matter -- the publication of a document on government corruption in Kenya known as the .