Why GlobalSign Was Right to Suspend New Certificates


If you engage in any form of payment on your website, you should absolutely consider this for your business. Most certificate authorities, including GlobalSign, cite higher conversion rates as a direct result of installing a security certificate and corresponding trust seal on their website.

According to this from Milena Head and Khaled Hassanein at the DeGroote School of Business, consumers "have significant experience in the traditional market, but may not be as familiar with or comfortable in the online marketplace. Individual consumers will differ in their 'trusting' personality traits and the pace at which they attain the trust required to start transacting with an online vendor."

What Exactly Happened to Make GlobalSign Suspend New Certificates?

A hacker who goes by the handle "Comodohacker" has claimed that he has access to GlobalSign's systems as well as those of three similar companies. He broke into another certificate authority, DigiNotar, on Monday. , most browsers no longer accept DigiNotar certificates. According to an update given to us by Steve Waite, their chief marketing officer, GlobalSign has appointed Fox-IT for help with the investigation, due to their previous involvement in investigating the DigiNotar hack.

Should I Be Concerned if GlobalSign Is My CA Provider?