Wesfarmers outsources network management

Australian engineering services company Wesfarmers Industrial and Safety has outsourced its voice and data network which covers 160 sites across Australia.

The company's IT manager David Whitaker said the internal IT team will focus on service delivery, rather than on managing the network.

Wesfarmers inked a three-year contract with NetStar Global NetCentre (GNC) but has not disclosed the value of the deal.

"With such a large and diverse infrastructure, our emphasis is on maximizing the security and stability of the network," Whitaker said.

The NetStar monitoring system, titled nVisage, works via a linked dashboard between NetStar offices and Wesfarmers Industrial and Safety where both IT shops access network reporting tools. Data on trends, issues and outages is generated and compiled by the system which is then analyzed by the NetStar team who then offer a set of recommendations.

NetStar Australia senior account manager Grant Osfield said reports are discussed with the IT shop.