Weekly Wrap: Thunderbolt blazes, the TouchPad's okay

As our nation celebrates its independence, perhaps you feel guilty about exploiting yours. Sure, you’re free to skip out on reading Macworld.com every once in a while—but when in the course of Apple-centric events it becomes necessary for one reader to catch up on what he or she missed, the Weekly Wrap is always happy to help.

It turns out Thunderbolt is pretty stinking fast. In our lab tests, . If you actually want to put your new Mac’s Thunderbolt port to work, you’ll want to grab , along with its new . You also might want to try to procure a loan, if you’re desperate to pick up one of the new, professional-grade Thunderbolt RAIDs.

editorial director Jason Snell spent some time with HP’s new TouchPad and . As I read it, the TouchPad is to the iPad as, say, Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” is to Madonna’s “Express Yourself.” You can appreciate the new one’s painfully clear homage to the original, but it’s easier to love the original. The TouchPad, while impressive on some levels, just .

this week, and we wrote up . No matter how much attention Microsoft pays to its new cloud service, we doubt senior contributor Andy Ihnatko will ever .