Wal-Mart the place to get iPhones, Wiis this Winter

Wal-Mart is shaping up to be the place to shop for in-demand electronics this holiday season. The massive retailer is one of the few to claim in-stock Nintendo Wii hardware . The Wii, which was released in 2006, continues to elude many shoppers, with . When I tried to purchase one several weeks ago for a present, I had to visit five stores before I could find one.

In addition to having the Wii, Wal-Mart will soon be only the second reseller (Best Buy being the first) to carry the Apple iPhone. No, the company won't be selling a -- that was just a rumor -- but the launch should propel the iPhone into a new sales stratosphere. Apple's mobile phone in sales last quarter and the holiday shopping season should shape up to move a ton of units. One analyst that Apple would ship 1 million iPhone gift cards -- not the actual phone, just gift cards -- during the 2008 holiday shopping season.