Vodafone hangs up on Unisys for new voicemail system

Vodafone has upgraded its voicemail system opting to drop Unisys in favour of Acision, the same provider VHA partner, Hutchison, uses for its '3' customers.

The upgrade, carried out at the weekend, will enable Vodafone to offer new functionality and features to its customers while building in greater capacity to cater for increasing customer demand, a Vodafone spokesperson told

"The new voicemail system uses the latest technology to allow for future development of new voicemail features and products," the spokesperson said. "It also has greater capacity, giving us the ability to cater for future capacity demands.

"For now, the functionality of our new voicemail system remains the same, with new features to be developed and introduced in the future."

According to the spokesperson the move to a single voicemail provider fits in with Vodafone Hutchison Australia's post-merger consolidation plans. However these are yet to include moving to a shared platform -- at least for its voicemail.

"We have chosen a single voicemail vendor, however, we will continue to run the Vodafone and 3 voicemail systems on separate platforms," the spokesperson said.