Verizon's Droid Phone and the Android Army

My, oh my -- can you feel it? Android excitement is . And, with each passing week, the anticipation only seems to grows thicker.

Fueling the flames now is Verizon's cryptic announcement of its upcoming Droid smartphone. The phone, believed to be once , was revealed via a and accompanying launched over the weekend. The marketing materials take clear shots at the iPhone, to list all the things Apple's device can't do that the Droid can.

Verizon's Droid phone is one of several new devices on its way to the U.S. smartphone market. Here's a look at what's known about it and the other upcoming Android-based options.

Verizon Droid

The only direct information about the Verizon Droid comes by way of that aforementioned iPhone-attacking ad. The commercial says the device will have a physical keyboard, interchangeable batteries, and a 5-megapixel camera with a flash. It'll also boast the ability to run simultaneous apps and widgets. Moreover, Verizon says its Droid will be fully customizable and built for open development -- two capabilities .

The remainder of the info on the Verizon Droid comes to us via vaguely sourced blog reports, primarily from a site called . The site claims to have gotten its hands on a prerelease Droid handset (and it has the ). According to the blog reports: