Vendors air the cloud's pros and cons


Additionally, VMware wants enterprise IT people to be able to move applications to the cloud without modifications.

VMware offers its vCloud technologies for cloud computing. VCloud features an API layer for exposing APIs so tooling can be built. Also, costs are simplified in moving things in and out of the cloud and the datacenter, Somal said.

She presented VMware's roadmap for cloud services. Presently with this roadmap, the company has more than 100 service providers using VMware virtual infrastructure. Enterprise-class cloud, hosting, and managed services also are featured.

A subsequent vCloud services component presented on the roadmap features the vCloud API, which is due in 2009. Also featured at this stage of the roadmap were virtual appliances and vApps to enable mobility and consistent management. Solutions include disaster recovery, infrastructure as a service, and "flex capacity."

The third part of the roadmap features optimized vCloud services with integrated management between on-premise and public clouds as part of VMware's vCenter. Applications will be built to leverage the vCloud distributed architecture.