Using VMware Fusion to fire up old games. Or not.

OK, I know we're all big boys and girls here and what we do in IT is really serious stuff, but occasionally we have to take some time off to play games.

Now, I am not a big computer games player. True, I've been known to play a few hands of Texas Hold'em, but only to hone my skills for a tournament. Then there are, admittedly, a few times when I've invested my precious time in a few dozen rounds of Reversi or a very rare game of Solitaire. ? Not my kind of entertainment. First-person shooters? Not my kind of thing either.

But amongst all of the computer games I've played there was one from a long time ago that I really enjoyed. I bought it for my son when he was around 7 and both he and I loved it. The game was "," published by Lucas Arts.


This race consisted of a number of bizarre vehicles that skimmed the ground of a huge course crossing a forbidding desert at insane speeds. In other words, the race was the high point of an otherwise leaden movie, iconic though it may be.

So, some time ago I decided to spring clean and hauled out a box of DVDs to throw away the cruft. Lo and behold, there was my original disk for "Star Wars Episode I: Racer"!