The Last-Minute Gift Guide

The clock is ticking. Depending upon when you're reading this, you have less than three days before Santa's deadline. Holding out? Been too busy? Over the next few pages, you'll find a couple of quick tips, organized according to how much time you have left. And if any of my pals get some of the gifts below, well, it's just a coincidence--honest.

Last-Minute Bargain Hunters

Savvy Web shoppers start their days by checking out sites such as and . While that's all well and good, you still need to make sure that you've got long enough so that when you order online, your gifts arrive in the St. Nick of time. Save yourself a few headaches by checking out the feature at The site has assembled an updated list of 90 stores (everything from Amazon to ZipZoomfly, and just about everything else in-between) that can still ship out your gifts before its too late.

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

Consider the gift of geeky videos. Currently an exclusive, , is now available on DVD. If you're not familiar with the disc, here's the skinny: Joss Wheedon (the man behind TV's Buffy the Vampire Slayer) produced a Web movie during the writer's strike. This comedy musical about a lovelorn supervillain gained a huge cult following online. Now on DVD, it's sure to gain a whole lot more fans. Special features include a musical commentary track and user-submitted video applications for entry into The Evil League of Evil.

At Amazon, you still have a chance to order for overnight domestic delivery until about 3pm Tuesday, PST--and even that varies by item according to its .