Telco act puts 'onerous requirements' on industry


The level of reporting and compliance activity telecommunications providers would have to do under the bill was also of concern, Elsegood said.

"We are doing changes all the time in our organisation we are looking at adjustments to products, new services and applications all the time, so to some extent we don't know how much reporting we would have to do under this proposed schedule," he said.

"Part of our concern [with the bill] is that we would have to go back into our organisation and do an entire audit of the things that we do to make sure we comply with the Act."

As reported by the Office of Australian Information Commissioner has also stated , warning that potential gaps exist in the privacy safeguards in the Federal Government's proposed Telecommunications Interception and Intelligence Services Legislation Amendment Bill 2010.

The Australian Privacy Foundation (APF) has also expressed that it has the "most serious concern" about the bill.