Sony's Futuristic 3D Visor Coming to Japan on November 11th

Remember in all those futuristic movies where people would have their entire heads encased in 3D visors, playing video games that were basically portable holodecks?

Well, thanks to Sony, we're one more step closer to that golden age of auto-dry jackets, talking dogs, and hovering skateboards. reports that the "HMZ- T1" 3D headset is going to be available for purchase at Japanese retailers this November, and will reportedly cost a whopping 60,000 yen (which is $784, or 481 English Pounds). We're not sure how large a 750-inch TV screen really is, but apparently the visor recreates the feeling of seeing one of those from across a room.


Hiroshi Yoshioka, executive deputy president at Sony praised the device back in January, stating:

"As a big gamer myself, I couldn't be excited more than when I first played Gran Turismo 5 with this head-mounted display because nobody, not even my wife, could interrupt me so that I could get a higher score."

PS Lifestyle also says that the device is HDMI compatible, so you can plug it into your TV when your neck starts to ache from the weight.