Snakebite network readied for open source projects

Developers soon will have a network to go to for developing principally open source projects and testing their software on multiple platforms.

The planned Snakebite network is intended to "provide developers of open source projects complete and unrestricted access to as many different platforms, operating systems, architectures, compilers, devices, databases, tools, and applications that they may need in order to optimally develop their software," according to the , which also welcomes visitors to "the future of open source development.".

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The brainchild of Trent Nelson, a committer on the language project, Snakebite still is under development; it is expected to formally debut in a month or so.

"The key principal of Snakebite is that it's an open network, and the concept is intended [to] parallel the very notion of open source," offering projects unlimited access to hardware and platforms that developers otherwise would not have available, Nelson said.

Snakebite serves as a centralized server farm, hosted at two sites at Michigan State University in East Lansing. Two servers are also hosted at a datacenter in Chicago.