SMB - Oracle launches identity governance project


-- Identity Service is a service for securely accessing identity data from multiple identity sources based on established policies.

Open source and standards groups, including and OASIS, are also working on the problem of federating identity information, but OASIS' SPML (Service Provisioning Markup Language) and Eclipse's Higgins Trust Framework are more about creating consistent user identities that work between systems, rather than managing sensitive data, he said.

"Nobody's asking whether I can propagate a social security number outside my country boundary and put it into system somewhere else," he said.

Still, Oracle believes that IGF properly belongs under the umbrella of some standards setting organization, he said.

The company plans to reach a deal to hand off its API, as well as AAPML and CARML work to such a group within the next 90 days or so. While Jasuja wouldn't say which group Oracle was considering. However, he acknowledged that a top concern is the speed with which the group can shepherd the IGF specifications through to standards.