Shark Tank: Just a little friendly advice

It's the late 1990s, and this pilot fish is working in the server room when one of his co-workers points out that the three servers are all running low on available disk space.

"He also told me that he had found a lot of bit-map images and JPEGs and showed them to me," fish says. "He had found these spread out over the three servers in personal folders and shared folders. It would take a few days to clean them out.

"The images were not obscene but were definitely risque, and we tracked them down to a handful of engineering techs I knew who worked in the back."

So fish picks up the phone and calls one of the techs.

Tech: Hello.

Fish: Uh, listen, I wanted to talk to you over the phone and not send you an e-mail that could be traced. But I would get rid of all bit-map images, movies, anything you would not want your HR to see.