Seventeen telecommuting pet peeves


3. You need to create a go-to-work routine. For some, telecommuting is difficult because there's no ramp-up time driving to the office, , during which a worker plans out the day.

4. You have no reason to dress up. One telecommuting advantage is that you can . But it also means you never have an excuse to wear make-up or jewelry. And nobody compliments you about your beautiful new sweater. (It's red.)

5. You miss the "meeting after the meeting." You see it all the time when you're in the office: The meeting is supposedly over, everyone says their farewells, and the folks in the office hang up the speakerphone. Almost immediately, the conversation continues around the conference table in a far less inhibited way than it did when everyone was involved.

6. You find out about relevant events too late.Team members can schedule events (such as training classes) so late that it's difficult for telecommuters to arrange to travel to the office. Often, it's too expensive or seemingly pointless to try to attend.

7. People fail to recognize time zone differences.If the home office is on the east coast, some people assume you are on the east coast. So they will blithely call someone in California in a home office at 6:00am, thinking that it's 9:00am. ("Oh gosh, sorry I woke you. But can you still answer this question for me?")