Seventeen telecommuting pet peeves


Telecommuting's Unspoken Disadvantages

Most of the items above are irritating, but other issues are more serious and have lasting effects on and on an employee's belief that he is .

9. Travel Budget? What Travel Budget? When you signed on as a full time telecommuter, everyone (from management on down) agreed how often you would spend a week in the office (say, once every three or four months). But , the very first thing to be cut is the travel budget for your on-site trips. Doesn't that and valued?

10. It's hard to read emotions from afar. This might sound like a "little" thing, but : you miss body language, intonation and serendipitous hallway encounters that help build an organization's integument. Despite e-mail, instant messaging and , it's not the same. (Which is why those quarterly visits are so important.)

11. The lack of immediate, nonverbal feedback.When you attend a meeting in person, you can see when people look uncomfortable at an idea you propose, or when their body language indicates they are offended by a joke you tell. It's hard to fix social or team problems that you can't see.