RSA - Tech firms swarm on data protection problem


The new solution uses data fingerprinting technology, which Provilla calls "DataDNA," to tag sensitive data. DataDNA allows policies to be attached to specific pieces of information rather than whole documents. Policies are monitored and enforced by client software installed on the endpoints.

A DataDNA Server appliance acts as a central management console for configuration of policies and creation of DNA signatures from sensitive content. The Server scans network-attached storage and servers as well as all endpoints to find sensitive content in both structured and unstructured format. A Management Dashboard allows administrators to create and maintain security policies, view alerts and summaries of suspicious activity, and monitor the status and health of endpoint agents, the company said.

Benjamin Powell, a senior IT security analyst said his employer, a large financial institution, is deploying the LeakProof product in production for around 1,000 users after trying the product in beta for 11 months.

The company will use Provilla to monitor source code and data files and some types of data elements like credit card and social security numbers, he said.

Powell said the product was much needed, given that network based protections are easy to circumvent using USB devices or Bluetooth connections. However, Powell is looking forward to an update that will introduce login-based rather than machine-based privileges and policy enforcement, and a way to deal with offline policy exceptions, he said.