Remains of the Day: Tweetie's MIA, Jobs for president

You wouldn't necessarily think of politics and Apple as two spheres that often collide; I think that's because Steve Jobs would view politics as too inefficient--well, until he achieves . Still, we've got not one but politically related stories in the remainders for May 18, 2010.

(The Mac Observer)

Last month, social networking site Twitter , and said it would soon be releasing a rebranded, free version of the app. Now Tweetie has vanished from the App Store, with that the new app is imminent. Some have questioned whether the new app will be as good as the old, but I think Shakespeare put it best when he tweeted "What's in a name? That which we call a rose, / By any other name would smell as sweet; / So Tweetie would, were it not Tweetie call'd, / Ret"

(Kernel Panic)

Continuing his reign of terror e-mail response kick, Apple CEO Steve Jobs reputedly clarified the issue of . "Our website and Softbank are wrong, and we are getting them the correct information ASAP. The website should be fixed soon. Sorry for the confusion.?" Wait, is Steve updating Apple's Website too, now? Dude needs a .

(Huffington Post)