Remains of the Day: Touchy, touchy

The TouchPad may not have yet captured the hearts and minds of users everywhere, but Apple may be expecting big demand for the next iPhone. Elsewhere, Google bids adieu to a couple of venerable brands. But don't worry, the remainders for Tuesday, July 5, 2011 aren't bound for the dust heap quite yet.


Yes, reviews of the HP TouchPad--including --called it sluggish and hampered by a lack of useful apps, but senior vice president and Palm general manager Jon Rubinstein isn't worried. A leaked memo from the former Apple executive points out that the exact same criticisms were made of another product ten years ago--Mac OS X. . Well, if HP holds to that comparison, then expect an functional TouchPad to ship .


Pegatron--whom we can only assume is a maker of fine robotic pegasuses (pegasi?) the world over--has reportedly received an order for 15 million next-generation iPhones. Of course, DigiTimes can't decide whether to refer to the new model as the iPhone 5 or the iPhone 4S, so for all we know this is a shipment for 15 million RIM PlayBooks. (Hey, it's a company that makes .)